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Real Estate Owned (REO) properties, or bank foreclosures, as they are more commonly known, allow buyers to buy quality properties for less than market value. Bank owned homes are a good bargain because of the way these properties enter the market. When a homeowner does not pay a mortgage, the lender will repossess the property in order to recoup the money being lost on the loan. If the homeowner does not pay the loan amount in arrears, the property will go to auction.

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Why Banks Sell

Bank Foreclosures

The home may not sell at auction or the lender may choose to bid on the property. If the bank buys the property, the property becomes a bank foreclosure. The lender will generally hire a marketing company or real estate professional to sell the property. Unlike traditional home sellers, however, lenders such as banks are more concerned with selling quickly than with selling for full price. Lenders are not real estate professionals and are generally interested in getting back the money they have lost on a bad loan. This is especially true if the lender is a large bank with shareholders who are unhappy to see bad loans on the books.

All this means value for you. Since lenders want to sell quickly and are interested in recouping their money (rather than selling at full market value) lenders are often willing to consider any reasonable offer on repo homes. This allows you to buy foreclosed properties at well below their market value and enjoy instant equity as a result.

Buying from Banks is Now Easier

In the past, buying REO properties was somewhat complicated. An investor or buyer had to visit courthouses to search for public documents about foreclosures or had to have connections with banks to be told when a bank's REO properties were available. Some investors spend hours searching through newspapers for notices of foreclosures. With Repo-Homes.com, all this is unnecessary, because we do the work for you and deliver the latest bank foreclosure listings and information. All you need to do is hone in on the properties that interest you.

We know that timing is of the essence when it comes to bank owned homes, because you as a buyer are competing with other investors. You need to have diligence and a bit of perseverance, but that small amount of effort can save you tens of thousands of dollars - or even more - when you buy repo homes. Our resources help you get started, quickly and easily.

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