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Repossessed Properties and the U.S. Housing

The oversupply of repossessed properties is just part of the considerable problem still facing the U.S. housing market. However, there has been much improvement in the sector since the last quarter of last year that the general mood has been mainly positive.

There are still other factors preventing a full recovery, such as underwater mortgages, but analysts believe that the positive things within the industry far outweigh the negative ones. For the most part, an optimistic outlook is maintained by most.

Tracking Improvements in Housing

The U.S. housing industry started the current year on a high, with data for the first month showing a dwindling inventory of repo homes for sale and a rising median price for residences. More home buyers have also come into the market, purchasing bargain-priced homes and fulfilling dreams of becoming homeowners.


The low prices of houses provided a lot of Americans the chance to have their own property. The cheap homes are also being seen as a chance for some homeowners to move up, with households in smaller dwellings able to move into bigger houses. Market observers also see opportunities for trailer home owners to purchase regular dwellings, providing them with more protection against the downside of living in trailer homes and giving them a more solid investment.

Efforts to Address Underwater Mortgages

These are definitely good news for housing in general, although the industry is still facing problems related to underwater mortgages. However, efforts are being exerted to address such problems, with Bank of America recently announcing its willingness to reduce the principal for underwater homeowners.

Despite this move, some members of the society continue to criticize banks for their role in the housing crisis. A Southern California congregation has actually withdrawn its deposit from Bank of America to demonstrate its opinion about the bank's alleged role in the foreclosure crisis. The congregation, along with a considerable percentage of the public, hoped that such actions will help improve banks' policies in terms of handling mortgages.

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