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What are Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures?

Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures

Commercial real estate foreclosures represent an amazing opportunity for real estate investors. Although most investors consider residential repo homes when buying foreclosed properties for investment, commercial real estate foreclosure presents many opportunities. And just like residential foreclosures, commercial property in foreclosure is sold at great discount, meaning instant savings and equity for the savvy investor.

A commercial properties foreclosure is much like any foreclosure, except that the person in default of a mortgage is a business and not a homeowner. A business purchases a property with a commercial loan and if the business fails or fares poorly, the business may not be able to keep current with its commercial mortgage payments. When this happens, the lender repossess the property.

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Commercial Repo Property is a Buyer's Market

Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures

Many commercial foreclosures are in the business, industrial or business industries. These repo properties may include retail spaces, warehouse spaces, offices, factories, and more. These properties are often worth much more than residential foreclosures, which means your potential for profit and for savings is much higher with these properties. Since the maintenance costs on these buildings is much higher than with houses, lenders stand to lose a lot of money if they repossess these commercial properties and cannot sell them fast. This means that lenders are very eager to sell commercial foreclosures very fast and this can mean even lower prices for investors.

The commercial repo property market also faces another challenge: there are fewer buyers. While homeowners as well as investors are now shopping for residential foreclosures, few investors and no homeowners are buying commercial repo property. This means that lenders are often willing to sell well below market price just to secure a buyer. The savings possible with commercial foreclosures is simply much higher than the savings potential with residential foreclosures. This means more equity and more possible profits for you.

Smart Investors Make big Profits with Commercial Repos

For savvy investors, commercial repo properties are very attractive because once these properties are cleaned and repaired they have a high resale value. Businesses in the area right now might be looking for commercial space to rent or buy. You can flip or resell commercial foreclosures to new businesses or even rent or lease your new space to businesses to generate a passive income. If you want to start your own business, buying your own foreclosed commercial space can save you a lot of money over renting in the long term and can provide your business with a valuable asset as well.

Not all foreclosure real estate listings feature commercial real estate foreclosures, which is why at Repo-Homes.com we go out of our way to offer comprehensive repo listings that include residential as well as commercial foreclosure listings. We can help you find that commercial property for less.

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