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Fixer upper repo homes are sometimes called distressed properties or handyman specials. Whatever you call them, however, they represent one of the most time-honored ways to make money in real estate. While this method of investing, like any investment, is not without risk, the return potential on fixer uppers can be quite impressive. Some of the biggest names in investment have built their empires by getting started with fixer upper repossessed properties.

Investing in fixer upper repo houses is very simple. Investors buy a quality property that needs some work and is therefore priced below market value, renovate the property, and resell it at a profit. This simple success formula is one of the fastest ways to create an excellent return on investment in real estate.

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Getting Started with Fixer Uppers

Fixer Uppers

New investors are often wise buying good quality homes in great neighborhoods - homes that need only cosmetic touch-ups. Buying a home that is filthy and needs new paint and carpets can be daunting, but many of these cosmetic projects are not too expensive and can yield great profits. You may even be able to do some of the work yourself, building real sweat equity.

Eventually, some investors look for more challenging rehab projects and look for repo homes that need major repairs. While the payoff on this type of project can be larger, these homes carry more risks as well and should be tackled by experienced investors only. Seasoned investors know how to accurately evaluate repossessed properties that need a lot of work and generally have the know-how and the contacts to fix major damage quickly and with as little money as possible.

How we Can Help you Hone in on the Right Property

Before you start to renovate a fixer upper repossessed home, however, you need to find the right property in the right location, and at the right price. That's where Repo-Homes.com can help. We offer daily updated listings of distressed properties across the country. Our listings are not only updated every day, but also include professional-quality resources that can help you get started with fixer upper repo houses.

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