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Flipping houses is a real estate practice that involves buying a home, making repairs on it and reselling it very quickly (sometimes before the first mortgage payment is due) at a profit. Flipping has become very popular, thanks in part to some reality television shows that have shown how some investors have used this technique successfully with HUD homes and other fixer upper repo homes.

In reality, flipping is not as glamorous or as easy as it is on television, but it is a method that even new investors can use to generate a good amount of profit. The secret is that investors need to carefully make their decisions about which homes to buy and need to understand the flipping process in order to succeed.

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Getting Started with Repo House Flipping

Flipping Houses

New investors need to think carefully about their limits when they begin flipping. While a home that needs a lot of attention may mean potentially large profits, it can also take years of work - and a lot of money - to complete. This can be overwhelming and can tie up your money for years without yielding a profit. A home that needs some cosmetic work, such as cleaning and painting, is a better choice for the new investor.

Location is another essential element to consider when looking for foreclosures to flip. A home in a nice neighborhood where homes are in high demand is always a better choice, because it's easier to sell such a home once you have rehabilitated it. Before you start buying repo homes, you might want to research neighborhoods where you might like to invest. Learning about a neighborhood and about home prices in the area helps you identify low-cost foreclosed properties in an area that might be ripe for a flip.

Flipping Smart

Smart investors interested in flipping also might want to set a good budget. This might involve researching the costs of contractors in your area or pricing appliances you might need for a fixer upper project. Once you know the cost of a renovation project, you will want to stay within budget, as going over your projected costs will cut into your potential profits.

One good solution is to hire a professional inspector to assess a potential property for you. A professional can tell you whether a home requires foundation repairs or roof repairs, for example, which can cost you a great deal more than you intended. Flipping repo houses is a big commitment, so the more you know about a property, the more prepared you are for investment success.

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