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How to Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a superlative alternative for investors who are tired of traditional securities or stocks. While stocks, bonds, and other investments are usually sold at full value, repo homes give the smart investor a chance to buy property at 30% to 50% below market value so that the investor enjoys instant equity. Unlike stocks and bonds, which only allow for profit when the securities are bought or sold, many types of deals can be structures with foreclosed properties. Some investors make a nice passive income by renting their properties, for example, while others are interested in flipping houses to make large amounts of money quickly.

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The Best way to Start Investing

Real Estate Investing

Entering the real estate market is very easy with pre foreclosures. There is an entire mortgage industry in place to help you buy your first real estate investment affordably, so you don't need a great deal of money up front. Homes in pre-foreclosure have had a lis pendens or notice of default served because the homeowner has not paid their mortgage. At this stage, the homeowner still owns the property and is usually very motivated to sell the property in order to avoid foreclosure. To save their credit rating and to get a fresh start, some homeowners are willing to sell the property for the balance left on the mortgage. Buying a property this way allows you to help the homeowner avoid foreclosures and allows you to enjoy a property at below market value.

Tax Liens

Investing in real estate also offers other options. Tax liens, for example, allow you to loan money to a homeowner who needs help paying their income taxes. Tax liens have returns of up to 18% on your investment. In some cases, you get the deed to the property if the homeowner still fails to pay their taxes.

Getting Started with Foreclosures

There are many options when it comes to investing in properties, and to help you evaluate your opportunities, Repo-Homes.com offers comprehensive listings of distressed properties across the country. Our listings are updated every day and include complete and detailed information for each property so that you can act quickly on a prime investment. Repo-Homes.com even offers you the resources and tools you need to get started with real estate investing. From tips to comprehensive investment guides, you'll find the information you need right here.

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